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Class 6 - Pasta & Sauces 
 This class consists of more than 30 videos that are a wide variety of pasta preparations along with accompanying skills videos that support your continuing progress for making “your own versions” of many delicious finished preparations. Although this class focuses on many Italian preparations, it also offers inspiration and guidance within the world of good basic cooking techniques and traditional methods and principals surrounding preparations that are not necessarily exclusive to Italian cooking.


Some of the highlights of this class include making fresh pasta dough and hand rolling or machine rolling it out, ragu bolognese, lasagna quattro formaggio, stuffed shells, assorted mac & cheese preparations, meatballs and tomato & alfredo sauces. I’ve also included some of my favorite versions of popular styles of pasta dishes like carbonara, primavera, linguine with clams and spaghetti with meatballs.


Many valuable skill videos include roasting & drying your own fresh tomatoes and herbs, identifying many pasta cuts, roasting & pureeing garlic, basic couscous handling and tips on cooking and storing dry and fresh pastas.


There are also some very special preparations included here that almost fall into their own categories of cooking.  A French style braised “Chicken in the Pot” with papparedelle noodles as well as chicken noodle soup.  Cured & dried filet of beef tenderloin bresaola and a special pasta dish with sage, roasted garlic, Parmesan cheese, roast chicken meat, tomato and mushrooms.   All in all, this class offers you the tools and expertise to create and appreciate some of the tastiest and best presented foods within this course.   If you love pasta and want to learn how to incorporate a variety of foods into pasta dishes, as well as some unique Italian related preparations, then this class is made for you.