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Starting in 1979...





The New Classics - Restaurants - Apartment Life

November 1979

"Chef John Terczak and Gordon Sinclair plan new menus every day, with certain favorite dishes remaining constant."


...and Still Moving

Ahead in 2013!


"Thank you for opening your delicious

restaurant in Evergreen...I'm addicted to

the Gumbo!"





Taste - Chicago Tribune

Monday, February 11, 1980

"John Terczak of the restaurant Gordon, is one of four young Chicago chefs who accepted our challenge to elevate American cuisine by redesigning old dishes" - "Voila (or lookee here), my mother's cheesecake."



Weekend - Chicago Tribune

Friday, May 1, 1981

"Restaurants - Taste of What's New From Seasoned Pros" -  "Owner Gordon Sinclair and Chef John Terczak in Lexander. - a 60 seat, two story vision of a roman villa."



Good Living - First Edition - USA Today

March 1983

"Lose your heart to the king of tarts" - "The $250 Gran Flan, created by Executive Chef John Terczak, will be prepared to order for birthday parties and other special events..." - "Terczak sees other possibilities for the 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 foot custom-made oven in which the dessert is baked. A giant quiche could be next, he says, but only for real men."



Food & Wine Magazine - Honor Roll of American Chefs

June, 24, 1983

“Presented to John Terczak in recognition of outstanding culinary achievement.”



Food Guide

Wednesday/Thursday, August 17/18 1983

"A tale of two success brothers who must split culinary company" - "For the last eight years, Chicago has been lucky enough to have a culinary phenomenon - brothers John & Dennis Terczak."



Food - Chicago Sun-Times

Thursday, August 18, 1983

"New York hotel lures top Chicago chef " - "Chef John Terczak is leaving Gordon and Lexander to open an 'American-Cuisine' restaurant in New York."



Restaurant News - Kitchen Design - Safari Grill, NYC

August 26, 1985

"The grill concept was crafted to fit the cooking style of John Terczak, one of the new breed of American Chefs."



Safari Grill - Gourmet - The Magazine of Good Living

December 1985

"Chef Terczak presides over a very visible wood-burning open grill and commands a crew of no fewer than thirty-three cooks." - "Safari Grill, a better restaurant of its trendy, often-misconceived, California-oriented genre..."




Food - The Denver Post - "Going Tapas"

Wednesday, December 11, 1985

"A Spanish Delight Catches On In US" - "Chef John Terczak displays a platter of grilled quail with green peppercorn vinaigrette and roasted sweet red peppers."



A Matter of Taste - Rocky Mountain News

March 1987

"Chef Makes Transalpine a Born-Again Restaurant"
"The new chef (John Terczak) has turned this streamlined restaurant into one of Denver's best."

*** 1/2 Stars - Excellent



Foodguide - Chicago Tribune

Thursday, September 10, 1987

"Local Heroes - Chefs turn food trends of '87 into unpredictable art."



Focus - Community - Social - Theatre - And Art Events Magazine

April 1988 Volume VII/Number 60

"Frances Langford's Outrigger restaurant proudly presents
 The Third Annual 'Art of Fine Food and Fine Dining'" -"Exquisitely prepared gourmet foods are featured in this special issue of Focus. Fantastic seafood, casually elegant nouvelle cuisine and tropical specialties are yours to savor from the chefs along the treasure and gold coasts."



Restaurants - Dining Out - Chicago Tribune

August 11, 1989

"Terczak excels in joyful tribute to American food."

*** Stars - Excellent



Dining - Chicago Sun-Times

Sunday, August 20, 1989

"Chef displays again his culinary magic."

Terczak's - 2635 N. Halsted, Chicago
*** 1/2 Stars - Exceptional



Food Guide - Chicago Tribune - "Simple Fare"

Thursday, October 19, 1989

"John Terczak comes home, cooking up what's being called 'haute mom cuisine.'"



Where The Meals Are - Money

July 1990

"Three Top Specialty Restaurants - Chicago - Terczak's"





Performing Arts Monthly - Frels Tells

November 1991

"John Terczak - Blue Collar, Black Tie" - "I believe that after Terczak establishes his mini-empire, he will re-define any cuisine he wishes."





Style - Chicago Tribune

Wednesday, November, 6, 1991

"The Taste Brokers - Our Top Pick: 10 Who Boost Chicago's Style"- "Dennis (left) and John Terczak with Bosco."





Chicago Magazine - "The Bad Boy of Good Taste"

May 1992

"He's a smooth talking ex-punk, a celebrated chef and a hustling entrepreneur ... John Terczak has plans."



Design - "Cartoon Caper"

October 1992

"Chef-Owner John Terczak is happy with Ketchup's kicky design, but insists the focus is firmly on the food." - "Ketchup's design has comic appeal, but, says John Terczak, the food is no joke."



Cuisine - Creative Loafing - "Eating Around"

September 23-29, 1993

"Le Bordeux Back In Form" - "Le Boss: Le Bordeaux owner Gordon Davis proposed a toast to his swimming success, from left, Kevin Sirgo, Chef John Terczak, Amy Losoya and David Kaplan."



Friday Extra - Tampa Tribune

Friday, January 7, 1994

"A Toast to Le Bordeaux"

*** Stars



Restaurants - Tampa Tribune - "Nothing To Crab About"

Friday Extra, Friday, March 17 1995

"Clawd's takes over Macdinton's Howard Avenue space with a tasty, seafood-heavy menu." - "John Terczak - Chef"



Treasure Coast Showcase - News Tribune - Fort Pierce/Port St. Lucien, Florida

Friday, January 22, 1998

"Outrigger chef would stomp on overcooked pasta."



Second Helping - Dine - Reviews - St. Petersburg Times - "Don't Pass Up Perch"

Thursday, August 1, 2002

"A new chef mixes farmhouse flavor with refined technique, less glitter and lower prices."



Metro & State - St. Petersburg Times - "Battle of the bay culinary competition seasoned warriors"

Saturday, November 16, 2002

"Masters of the kitchen cross ladles in St. Petersburg - who would withstand the heat." - "Terczak finished first."